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Nowadays, almost every student has used or at least heard from other fellow students about individuals or agencies that provide essay writing services. The primary purpose of such services is to compose written works of various levels (from high school essays to master’s theses) which adhere to the standards of academic writing in terms of research, presentation of the material, structuring, formatting, and referencing. Frankly speaking, it is a very complicated task which requires specific qualification and a lot of time. However, despite this complicatedness, the essay writing industry is currently booming which can be proven by the fact that if you type “essay writing services” in Google or any other search engine, it will give you hundreds, if not thousands of search results, which include essay writing companies that specialize in composition of academic papers. Indeed, all of them promise to deliver the best results in the short period and make you the top student in the class. However, it is evident that not all of them can live up to the highest standards of academic research works. Some just sell pre-written texts which may get a student into trouble due to plagiarism, while others employ poorly qualified writers who work for peanuts while charging the student $10+ per page. There are cases where these agencies take the money for the paper and then just start ignoring the customer. These are the examples of the worst essay writing services providers. In reality, most agencies are doing a fine job, though there is only a handful of those that meet and even exceed the expectations of their customers in terms of the quality of writing, the compliance with all of the above-mentioned standards. Our job is to monitor and select only top essay writing services for reviews so that the students would know that the given companies are reliable before they spend a dollar on an academic paper.

To tell you the truth, we have sifted through dozens of landing pages to find the best essay writing services online that have not only great work ethics but also a team of competent writers, as well as reasonable prices.

Who we are and why you can trust us

We are the essay writing services reviewing company that has lots of experience in the field of evaluation of essay writing services. Our experts have conducted hundreds of reviews of online essay services and helped thousands of students find the service that suits all their academic needs. We should put a particular emphasis on the fact that our company has never taken a penny from any of the essay writing services that offered us money for the improvement of scores. Believe us, there were plenty of companies that approached us with such offers, and in every single case we refused and put these services on the blacklist because we believe that integrity should be the cornerstone of every business, whether it is a steel production or essay writing. Customers deserve to know the truth about the services they will get and TheEssayReview.com is the company that always provides the most comprehensive reviews of top essay writing services.

How we carry out the reviews of online essay services

Reviewing essay writing services is a complicated but fascinating process which requires gathering a substantial amount of information.

First of all, we closely monitor the market for essay writing services for the emergence of new companies. The age of a company is not a definitive criterion when it comes to distinguishing the top essay writing services. Inevitably, the more experienced companies may have an advantage because they have a core team of writers and a customer pool, though younger ones are eager to prove their worth by providing better services at a more reasonable price.

Secondly, we thoroughly study the website of the chosen company. Does it have a good design and a feedback section? Is there a price calculator? Does this company have a blog? All this matters to us because we want to give the most detailed reviews possible.

Thirdly, we compare their price policies with the competitors. Price per page is the most important criterion for most students, and we try to choose the essay writing services that strike a balance between affordable prices and excellent services.

And fourthly, we order an academic paper from that service to see whether or not they will deliver on their promises. It is the most important criterion that dramatically influences the final score in our reviews of online essay services.

Choosing the best essay writing services online is not an easy task, but we always perform it diligently because the students deserve as good a service as any other online customer.